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Moscow Museums. Путеводитель Styleguide. На английском языке

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Издательство: n/a
Год издания: 2006
ISBN: 5902898048


A modern megacity is a place where an endless car flow rushes on the wide highways, it is bright at nights because of the neon advertisement lights and where even the whole meaning of ’night’ is irrelevant: the city works, rests and parties twenty-four hours a day.Such is Moscow today. But take a look at the street signs: Arbat, Varvarka, Ordynka, Pliushikha, Neglinnaya . The scent of the past comes through these every day names. Jagged Kremlin walls, boyars’ chambers of white stone, czars’ country estates, colorful Dutch tiles, traditional old churches this is also Moscow. Even though the oldest Russian city is whimsically inconsistent there are places that enshrine the memories of history, people and events in spite of any changes around and these are the museums. There are more than 200 of them in Moscow and to tell about each one in this book would be impossible. The author had to make a selection therefore the list is personal. We try to illustrate not only the world famous museums, but also the uncommon ones with unexpected themes that are unfamiliar even to the Moscow residents, but that are interesting for their exhibits and the way they present them. You will not find a full description of the museums’ collection, nor the exact number of the exhibits instead we try to convey the unique characters of each museum. In this book the museums are listed by their profile in accordance to the standard classifications. If you want to know about the history of Moscow turn to the ’historical museums’ section. Theatre-goers should look at the ’theatrical and musical" heading and art lovers at the ’artistic’. If you are interested in specific and unusual collections search in ’special interest museums’. There are museums that arc very hard to classify in one section only. For example, the museum of N.K.Roerich could be put into the ’artistic’ part for its extravagant collection of paintings, but in the end it was placed into the historical category, because the exhibition is dedicated to the life and the philosophy of the Roerich family. The great estates turned into museums are put in a separate list. The guide describes only those that are inside Moscow. The only exception is for Arhangel’skoe, because it is near and its finely preserved architecture, its park and its collections are worth mentioning. It is likely that even the native Muscovites would admit to not knowing absolutely everything about their city. Maybe only the museums are capable of showing you the various faces of the capital. Издание на английском языке.

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